We Will Find It by Zoï Tatopoulos

Director Choreographer Concept by Zoï Tatopoulos. Co-Director Sean Lew. Zoï Tatopoulos began dancing at the age of four. She trained at multiple studios in LA. In 2017, Zoi was the head contemporary choreographer of “So You Think You Can Dance,”Greece. Now back in LA , she has taught at studios IAF , and Tmilly TV, and is based at the Rage Performing Arts Complex , as one of the head choreographers for the competitive dance teams.

Twenty Four by Nils Völker

From turning garbage bags into huge, breathing organisms, to making meditative wall installations out of frisbees, Nils Völker has dedicated his career to finding the beauty in mundane, household items.

Twenty Four is a site–specific installation. 24 light-blue plastic bags guide the spectator through the monumental nave of the deconsecrated church Saint-Nicolas in Caen. (France)

Nils Völker