King by Claerbout Studio

Silent, black and white projection, based on a photograph in a book that marks the transition from ordinary life to superstardom of Elvis Presley, then aged 21.
In this animation (3D), the reconstructed head and body of Elvis have been textured using fragments of hundreds of original photographs of Elvis’ skin and features, allowing the camera to come in a close-up of one of the worlds most charismatic figures.

David Claerbout

Lumino city by State of Play Games

Lumino City is a wonderful puzzle adventure crafted entirely by hand out of paper, card, miniature lights, and motors, for iOS, PC, Mac and Apple TV.

Made by a small indie team in London over the course of three years, and released on PC and Mac in late 2014, Lumino City has garnered numerous awards including the BAFTA for Artistic Achievement in 2015.

From Paper to Play: How they made Lumino City – Teaser
Lumino City

as·phyx·i·a by Maria Takeuchi & Frederico Phillips

as·phyx·i·a is a collaborative effort and experimental film created by Maria Takeuchi with Frederico Phillips and performed by Shiho Tanaka. The project is an effort to explore new ways to use and/or combine technologies and different fields in an experiment without many of the common commercial limitations.

as.phyx.i.a behind the scenes

Monty Python by Terry Gilliam

Gilliam was a part of Monty Python’s Flying Circus as an animator. His cartoons linked the show’s sketches together and defined the group’s visual language in other media (such as LP and book covers and the title sequences of their films). His animations mix his own art, characterised by soft gradients and odd, bulbous shapes, with backgrounds and moving cutouts from antique photographs, mostly from the Victorian era.

Terry Gilliam’s Do It Yourself Animation Show (cutout animation)
The Terry Gilliam fanzine


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